Release Information:

Japan: 19th March 1994
America: 18th April 1994
Europe: 28th July 1994


Super Nintendo
Nintendo Virtual Console


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The last Metroid is in captivity, the galaxy is at peaceā€¦until Samus receives a distress signal from the Ceres space colony and finds that Ridley has stolen the last Metroid in existence! Samus takes pursuit and follows him towards the familiar planet of Zebes and discovers that the Space Pirates have regrouped and are back, bigger and stronger than ever before!

Samus traverses through the colourful yet deadly areas of the planet, discovering that not everything is how she remember it. Brand new areas, abilities and bosses such as Crocomire, Phantoon and Draygon awaided her along with familiar faces such as Kraid, who was now much larger and deadlier than ever. Along the way she meets some helpful creatures called Etecoons and a Dachora. They teach Samus how to execute hidden abilities within her, such as wall jumping and Shinesparking! She uses these new abilities to access previously unreachable areas and proceed to a rebuilt Tourian. Defeat the mechanical Mother Brain and come face to face with the baby Metroid once again!