Release Information:

America: 9th February 2004
Australia: 19th March 2004
Europe: 8th April 2004
Japan: 27th May 2004


Nintendo Gameboy Advance


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The story of Samus’ first mission, retold with graphical enhancements and new features. Find out what happened to Samus after defeating the Space Pirates and destroying the Mother Brain! Rediscover planet Zebes and absorb the beautiful visuals as you progress through familiar areas and locations, taking down the Space Pirate army and collecting power ups from previous Metroid games to aid you on your adventure. Shortly after escaping Zebes, Samus is ambushed by Space Pirates. Her ship was attacked and plummets back down to the planet’s surface. Stripped of her Power suit and armed with just an emergency pistol, Samus infiltrates a nearby Space Pirate mother ship in a hope to find a means of escape.

Samus stealthily bypasses Space Pirate guards and enters the Chozo ruins where she discovers inscriptions she remembers from her childhood. Facing off against a Chozo Warrior spirit to test her worth, she obtains a new Power suit and fights her way back through the Space Pirate base. She comes across Mecha Ridley in the process and defeats it, which activates a self destruct mechanism. Samus manages to escape just in time in a Space Pirate gunship as the mother ship exploded.