Release Information:

America: 24th October 2005
Australia: 1st December 2005
Japan: 19th January 2006
Europe: 22nd June 2007


Nintendo DS


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Take control of Samus in a unique way! Metroid Pinball takes Samus back to her adventures on Tallon IV with a mission to collect twelve artifacts and access the Artifact Temple and come face to face with Metroid Prime. Take Samus into her familiar and well loved Morph Ball mode and catapult her through the various tables within the game. Travel through familiar areas such as Phendrana Drifts and Tallon Overworld, with various bonus rounds and collect well known upgrades such as missiles and Power Bombs to bring down even the toughest of enemies.

You can even take on the fiery depths of the Magmoor Caverns in multiplayer with up to seven other players! Approach the Artifact Temple and place the twelve artifacts within the pillars only to be stopped by Meta Ridley, who will swoop down and attempt to ruin your chances! Bring him down and then prepare yourself for an epic showdown between you and Metroid Prime once again!