Release Information:

America: 20th March 2006
Europe: 5th May 2006
Australia: 25th May 2006
Japan: 1st June 2006


Nintendo DS


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Samus’ journey takes her to the Alimbic Cluster in the Tetra system, once home to a race known as the Alimbics who mysteriously disappeared thousands of years ago. The Galactic Federation obtained a message from an unknown source containing information regarding the key to ultimate power within the system. With the knowledge that others may have intercepted the same message, Samus is sent to discover the truth behind it and stop this ultimate power from falling into the wrong hands. As feared, Samus is not alone and she comes across six other bounty hunters who are all in search of the ultimate power.

For the first time ever Samus takes her ship to a variety of different locations within the system, finding artifacts left behind by the ancient race of the Alimbics, and confronted with some of their advanced weaponry left behind to protect them. The artifacts tell the story of an entity known as Gorea, a powerful creature that was sealed away by the Alimbics in a prison known as Oubliette. Gorea turns out to be the source of the message sent out telepathically across the stars to lure the bounty hunters to the Octoliths to free it from its prison. Engage Gorea, reveal its true form and take control of the ultimate power.