Release Information:

America: 27th August 2007
Europe: 26th October 2007
Australia: 8th November 2007
Japan: 6th March 2008


Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii (Metroid Prime Trilogy)



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Phazon infection had spread faster than ever across the galaxy, corrupting several planets with the deadly substance. It was identified that the spread of Phazon is done through planetary impact of seeds from the planet Phaaze and these seeds were known as Leviathans. Samus is called to the GFS Olympus where she meets Admiral Dane and three other bounty hunters. Their mission is to deliver a vaccine to infected Aurora Units, organic super computers that are stationed throughout Galactic Federation control and hold numerous roles.

Suddenly the ship is attacked by a Space Pirate fleet and the planet Norion below. Samus travels down to the planet to protect it from the Space Pirate attack and an incoming Leviathan seed that is fast approaching. Samus and the other hunters manage to destroy the Leviathan, but not before Dark Samus appears to corrupt them with Phazon. Samus is equipped with a Phazon Enhancement Device to control the Phazon within her, and this is the key to taking the fight back to the Space Pirates. Samus can enter Hypermode when the chips are down and convert energy into Phazon to blast powerful particles towards enemies, defeating them easily. It’s time to bring an end to Phazon and Dark Samus once and for all!