Release Information:

America: 15th November 2004
Europe: 26th November 2004
Australia: 2nd December 2004
Japan: 26th May 2005


Nintendo Gamecube
Nintendo Wii (Metroid Prime Trilogy)



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Samus finds herself in the Dasha system investigating the disappearance of a Galactic Federation fleet that had lost contact with headquarters. She arrives at Planet Aether which had been struck by a Phazon meteor that has somehow split the planet into two dimensions of light and dark. The marines were found dead, shot down by a space pirate frigate and attacked by creatures from the dark world known as the Ing. While searching the planet, she encounters Umos, the guardian of creatures called the Luminoth who inhabit the planet.

The extinction of the Luminoth draws nigh as the Ing take control of Aether. Samus is asked to transfer energy from controllers located on Dark Aether back to Light Aether to rid the planet of evil. To make matters worse the deadly foe Metroid Prime makes a return in the form of Dark Samus, drawn to the planet by its Phazon infection. Samus travels through portals from the light and dark world where actions in each dimension can affect the other. Prepare to come face to face with some of the toughest bosses ever and rid the planet of Phazon corruption.