Release Information:

America: November 17th 2002
Japan: February 28th 2003
Europe: March 21st 2003
Australia: April 3rd 2003


Nintendo Gamecube
Nintendo Wii (Metroid Prime Trilogy)



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Samus makes her 3D debut in this first person adventure! Samus is sent to investigate a distress signal coming from a space station orbiting the planet Tallon IV, only to discover that it is actually a Space Pirate research facility. While investigating the station, she comes face to face with her nemesis, Ridley. The creature she thought was dead from their battle on Zebes is alive and well with genetic enhancements and resurrected in the form of Meta Ridley. Samus escapes the station in pursuit of Meta Ridley down to the surface of the planet below where she discovers the reasons for the space pirate presence, a radioactive substance with the ability to mutate and corrupt living creatures.

Guide Samus through Tallon IV and discover a lost Chozo civilisation who abandoned their beloved planet due to Phazon mutation. Explore the vast areas of the planet which include the lava filled Magmoor Caverns, the frozen landscape of Phendrana drifts and the Phazon mines filled with Space Pirates and mutated creatures. Collect twelve artifacts to unlock the temple containing the source of Phazon. Can Samus save the planet and eliminate the Phazon threat?