Release Information:

America: 31st August 2010
Japan: 2nd September 2010
Australia: 2nd September 2010
Europe: 3rd September 2010


Nintendo Wii


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Some time after the events of the baby Metroid, the mechanical Mother Brain and the destruction of planet Zebes, Samus Aran finds herself answering a distress signal coming from a decommissioned space facility known as the Bottle Ship. It is there that she encounters several Galactic Federation troopers called the 07th Platoon, which include her former commanding officer Adam Malkovich and Anthony Higgs. When Samus questions Adam on why the Galactic Federation has arrived at the station, he claims the information is restricted. However, Samus senses that there is danger on board the Bottle Ship and decides to stay with the GF 07th Platoon in case she is needed.

Play as Samus Aran as she discovers truth and deception throughout the Bottle Ship and learn a bit more about the girl behind the visor as she gives an exclusive insight into her past and her time within the galactic federation through a series of cinematic cut scenes. Find out the true intention of the Galactic Federation presence and who is responsible for sending out the distress signal.