Release Information:

America: November 1991 (No exact date on record)
Japan: 2nd January 1992
Europe: 21st May 1992


Nintendo Gameboy
Nintendo 3DS eShop


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Samus Aran returns in her first handheld adventure! The deadly Metroid threat still exists and Samus has no choice but to bring them down once and for all. She travels to their home world, Planet SR-388 with the intent on eliminating them from existence. Control Samus through the vast underground tunnels of the planet, locating the Metroids in their natural habitat and collecting new power-ups to help her on her mission. As she descends deep beneath the surface she discovers evolved forms of Metroid which are even more deadly than the Metroids she thought she knew.

Eventually she drops down into the Metroid Queen’s lair and engages it in an epic showdown. Once she has brought an end to its life, she leaves the planet, only to discover a Metroid egg. The egg hatches to reveal a baby Metroid and the first thing it sees is Samus. It clings to her assuming that she is its mother! Instead of eliminating this Metroid Samus decides to take it with her back to her ship and sets course for the Ceres space colony in the hope that scientists there can research the Metroid and use it for the greater good.