Release Information:

America: 17th November 2002
Europe: 22nd November 2002
Australia: 29th November 2002
Japan: 14th February 2003


Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Nintendo 3DS eShop (Ambassador)


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Samus finds herself assigned to watch over a Biologic research team on Planet SR-388. During her mission there she is attacked by a life-form she has never encountered before known as the X. The X-Parasite is a creature that infects the host, multiplies and attacks the nervous system killing it and mimicking its DNA and memories. The X-parasite threat was kept under control by a creation from the Chozo, which were none other than the Metroid race!

Due to Samus eliminating Metroids from a previous mission, the X had multiplied. Samus was infected by the X and had a minimal chance of survival. A cure was found in the form of a Metroid cell taken from the last Metroid which completely purged the infection. The cure worked, but at a cost. Samus was sent to the B.S.L research station which orbited Planet SR-388 as part of her continued mission. Little did she know her encounter with the X-Parasite was far from over. In fact, it was only just beginning! Explore the station, eliminate the X-Parasites and uncover lies and deception from within B.S.L.