Release Information:

Japan: August 6th 1986
America: August 15th 1987
Europe: January 15th 1988


Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Nintendo Virtual Console
Nintendo 3DS eShop



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The game that started it all! Meet Samus Aran, a bounty hunter on a mission to bring down the Space Pirates, an alien race with a powerful Metroid army lead by deadly and fearsome Space Pirate leaders and Mother Brain, an artificial intelligence that once was an ally of the Chozo that used to populate the planet long ago until the Mother Brain betrayed them. Take control and guide Samus as she enters Brinstar and beyond through the vast corridors and caverns of planet Zebes to reach new areas.

Collect power-ups and suit upgrades to help you progress through your mission. Use weapons to bypass areas and unlock new routes and bring down even the toughest enemies. Enter the lair of Kraid, an organic environment of spikes covering the vast walls and floors, then move on to the fiery depths of Norfair and take on the Space Pirate leader Ridley, the nemesis of Samus with his deadly fireballs. Finally head to Tourian and defeat the Metroids that lurk there, bring an end to Mother Brains’ wrath and escape the planet as Mother Brain activates the self destruct sequence.