Shinesparkers isn’t the only Metroid community out there, in fact there is a huge amount of websites, blogs and fan projects out there to visit and enjoy. Below are a list of just a few of those, and we encourage you to check them out! If you’d like us to add a link to your Metroid related content, contact us from our staff page and we will consider you. If you would like to affiliate with Shinesparkers, check out the bottom of this page for more information.


Metroid Database
Metroid Recon
Metroid Metal
Metroid 2002
Samus Central
The Navigation Room
Metroid Wiki


If you would like to request affiliation with Shinesparkers, you must hold the following criteriea:

  • – Must be an active and updated website
  • – Your site must be Metroid, Nintendo gaming or a general gaming website
  • – Have a reasonable amount of content
  • – Must link back to us on the main page of your site using our button
  • – Must NOT contain roms, ISO or illegal content

If these important conditions are met, you can contact us and we will consider you for affiliation. We have limited places and we will remove your website if you become inactive or goes down to make way for other sites to take your place. Use the button below to link to us but host the button on your own website as our bandwidth is limited.