1st July 2011 - Staff departure

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1st July 2011 - Staff departure

Postby Darren » Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:57 am

Unfortunately, Ben our graphics artist has decided to leave the staff of Shinesparkers. We want to thank him for all the awesome images he has made throughout the website and who has really made the whole place stand out.

However, long story short this does mean Shinesparkers is looking for a new full time graphics artist who I hope will not only match the high standards of Ben's graphics, but surpass them. So if there's anyone that's interested, send me a DM with some examples of what you've done and perhaps we can discuss things further.

In other news, we are working hard on our Metroid album and Metroid tribute video this month with a release next month. Both are going very well and we look forward to showing you them.
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