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Inspired by Samus: Michelle Perl, Samus Cosplayer

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Today I came across a wonderful article in Nintendo Power magazine that was shown on the Metroid Database about a cosplayer called Michelle Perl. Michelle suffered low self esteem issues due to her weight during her high school years, and when she lost her mother to cancer, she found the motivation to do something about it and Samus was a key part of that motivation. The article then goes on to quote Michelle:

My most powerful source of motivation to keep going was Samus Aran. I covered my room in all sorts of Metroid paraphernalia to keep my wheels spinning.

Samus is an ideal role model not just to me, but for many women to look up to as a powerful female icon. In a video game realm with princesses aplenty, Samus stands out as an atypical Nintendo gal holding the title of one of gaming’s strongest symbols of courage, power and heroism.

Michelle went from a body weight of 200 pounds down to an amazing 110 pounds through healthy eating and exercising at the gym. She also used Wii Fit to monitor her progress. She has created two Samus costumes as part of her cosplay, one Zero Suit and a Justin Bailey suit based off the end scene in the original Metroid NES.

It’s always great to hear these types of stories but to have Samus and Metroid being a huge influence in this makes me smile.

Source: Metroid Database

Feature: Nate Bihldorff

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

For our eighth feature we are honoured to be speaking to Nate Bihldorff, Senior localisation manager at Nintendo Treehouse regarding his work on Metroid Other M and his contribution to the franchise over the years. He discusses his own personal feelings on Metroid: Other M and the controversial feelings of the fans and comments on the performances of the voice actors portrayed in the game.

This one took a little longer than expected but rest assured it is truly worth the wait! You can check out the article in our articles and features section right now!

Affiliate update

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Not exactly Metroid news, but I thought i’d help support one of our close affiliates, The Joypads has gone through a complete overhaul recently and I would like to take this opportunity to invite our visitors to check it out. The Joypads is a multiplatform website bringing exclusive content and news to its members as well as competitions and giveaways. The website now features intergrated forums and comments and looks absolutely stunning. The layout was done by our very own Ben, who is in charge of graphics here at Shinesparkers.

If you’re a fan of gaming outside of Metroid, this is a good place to visit. They’ve relaunched so require new members so be sure to spread the word!

Kraid and Ice boss concept art from Metroid Prime discovered online

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Concept art from Metroid Prime has been recently discovered online from the blog of Greg Luzniak, a former Concept Artist at Retro Studios between 1999 and 2000. The art showcases two pieces of artwork, an overly spiky Kraid engaging Samus in battle and an unknown six limbed monster in an icy environment, most likely Phendrana Drifts. The ice boss could very likely have been a boss that was eventually replaced with Thardus.

The artwork for Kraid is very different than the 3D model by Gene Kohler that was supposed to be added to the game, but was scrapped due to time constraints.

It’s the second time in recent history that fans have been treated to never before seen concept art, a few weeks ago, concept art for Metroid Prime 1.5 appeared online.

What are your thoughts on the artwork? Would you have preferred to have seen these bosses in Metroid Prime?

Source: Greg Luzniak Concept Design

Samus to feature in Nintendo 3DS augmented reality cards

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Nintendo’s latest handheld system, the 3DS will launch with six augmented reality cards featuring characters from Nintendo, one of which will be Metroid protagonist Samus Aran! The augmented reality cards work by placing them face down on a flat surface and pointing the 3DS camera at them in order to detect what is on the card and allows you to interact with the card in a similar way to how the Eye Toy from Sony works.

The six cards bundled with the system feature classic characters Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikmin, Question mark block and Samus. It is not yet known what sort of features these six cards will bring but as soon as we know we will update you with the information.

UPDATE: According to Wired the Nintendo character AR cards mentioned are for an AR game called “Star Pics” which is played by placing one of the cards on a table and a 3D model of that character will display on your 3DS. You can then move the 3DS around the card and take pictures of the model from different angles and save them. This isn’t exactly a game but it’s still a nice little feature that you may be able to have fun with.

Source: My Nintendo News

Metroid: Other M stage in Dead or Alive: Dimensions

Monday, February 14th, 2011

The Metroid Database has recently obtained five chapters of a rare Metroid manga-zine originally released in Japan called “Episodes of Aether”. EoA is a retailing of the story of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and was released in monthly chapters. The first chapter is available in english on the website and can be found here

More translated chapters will be added over time so keep checking back there often!

Source: Metroid Database

Official Metroid websites removed from the internet

Monday, February 14th, 2011

While it may not be a surprise to learn that Nintendo removes old websites of games that are no longer saleable, it is rather sad to learn that a vast majority of Metroid websites have lost their official place on the Internet.

Nintendo have removed Metroid Prime 1, Metroid Prime 2, Metroid Prime 3, Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission websites from their database taking with them downloadable extras such as PC wallpapers, messenger icons and other official content.

Official sites for Metroid Prime Trilogy, Metroid Prime: Hunters, Metroid Prime: Pinball and Metroid: Other M are still active as these games are still on sale available to buy in stores.

Metroid Prime 1.5 design document

Monday, February 7th, 2011

An interesting document has been discovered online from Tony C. Giovanni’s personal website, who was a level designer at Retro Studios back in 2002. On his site was a document containing information regarding a scrapped Metroid Prime game, which was to be set immediately after Metroid Prime and before the events of Metroid Prime 2.

Quoting from the document:

This adventure would take place immediately after Samus takes off from the surface of Talon IV. Upon exiting the planets surface, Samus decides to take a long rest in her Cryo chamber as her ship autopilots home. However, something goes wrong and Samus’s ship computer hones in on a distress signal. The distress signal is coming from a huge alien vessel (huge like the size of several Star Destroyers) that is drifting out in space. As Samus’s ship approaches the alien craft, a tractor beam activates and the Ship is pulled into one of the gigantic docking bays. As the ships doors close, the gigantic vessel folds and enters a parallel dimension, thus begins Samus’s new adventure…

The document goes into details regarding the plot, which is focused on a mad AI on board a warship heading for a peaceful planet in order to enslave the inhabitants and life there. The AI has four different personalities, “The Child”, “Mother”, “Martyr” and “Killer”.

The lengthy document outlines things such as world layout, example areas of the ship, puzzle elements and details new creatures, which includes a lifeform that is half Metroid/human!

The document also lists various power-ups that Samus can obtain. These are:

• Cloaking
• Self Destruct Method
• Wall walk
• Ceiling hug
• Camo-skin
• Infrared vision

The game also planned to include various multiplayer modes such as an Ancient Chozo Robot battle, in which you could enter and beat up other robots until one remains standing.

The whole concept of Metroid Prime 1.5 took a year to put together and the document and all images have since been removed from Tony Giovanni’s website. I would naturally assume that the idea, like many games was simply scrapped in favour of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes which was released a couple of years later. It is normal for many ideas and concepts to be scrapped, but very rarely do we hear about them.

Credit to Mama Robotnik who found the original document and Nintex for providing us with it.

The Justin Bailey Adventures, part 2

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Chapter 2 of the Justin Bailey Adventures is now up! You can find it in the Comic section. Big thanks to Saturday for his work on this chapter. We hope you all like it!