Metroid 3DS hype?

It’s always great to hear a rumour for a new Metroid game, but when you’re at the center of the rumour, it’s a little strange. Recently I had replied to Jonathan Ross, an english tv celebrity and radio host about his preview of the 3DS, regarding his thoughts. A conversation started…

A few other faves coming as well – plus a few unexpected revivals!! Can say no more, sorry.

It’s absolutely fine, I don’t expect you to spill anything, it’s nice to have a surprise. I have my fingers crossed for Metroid..

I think you’re going to be pleased then…

That last tweet caused a huge storm on many top gaming websites across the internet such as IGN, Eurogamer, Computerandvideogames, Digital Spy, Cubed3, Escapist Magazine, Aussie-Nintendo…the list goes on!

Needless to say the whole thing took me by surprise how one short innocent conversation lead to such a huge outbreak of news. Shortly after the rumour hit the internet, I contacted Jonathan directly to clarify what was going on and he confirmed that wires had been crossed. Jonathan later confirmed publically that it was the case and that his words were taken out of context.

On a personal note, I am still hoping that Nintendo confirm something Nintendo related themselves, their conference will be streamed tomorrow at 2PM (GMT) on the official site.