All is quiet..

There really hasn’t been a great deal to update about this year so far, the world of Metroid has been a quiet one. We do have a few smaller updates to keep you tied over until bigger news comes however!

First of all, Nintendo’s latest handheld, the 3DS is currently been showcased in Japan. This new handheld will potentially be where the next Metroid game in the series will land. Our friends over at Aussie Nintendo are attending the event and have been updating their website with various thoughts about the system and the games. Check them out, it’s quite an interesting read!

A short while ago we updated on a cosplayer called PixelNinja who created a very impressive looking Varia Suit. She has recently showcased her latest Metroid cosplay, the Gravity Suit! Personally, I feel this is even more impressive than the Varia Suit! You can check out her Gravity Suit and her other cosplays here and she has also taken pictures of both suits in various design stages during their creation. You can check those out here.

Finally, I would like to thank people for the feedback from the Justin Bailey Adventures we’ve had some positive feedback so far and we’re enjoying making it. Saturday is hard at work creating chapter 2 and i’m busy writing up a solid script a few chapters ahead of that. Keep an eye out for the next chapter at some point next month.

That’s pretty much it for now, as I said there really isn’t a whole lot of news going around. I suggest checking out the forums and partake in some discussion with humans. Or maybe I can send our pet Ridley over to do a little dance for you…he’s been a bit bored recently and he’s a bit fat since the festive period, he needs to work off the pounds..