Metroid: Other M Sales: Week 10

It has been ten weeks since the launch of Metroid: Other M. In this time it is quite clear that the game didn’t meet the expectations of Nintendo. A game that was hoping to sell more than previous incarnations, with a ton of advertisement and hype for the game, it just didn’t pay off. In the tenth week, sales for Other M has dropped back down after a couple of weeks on the rise. The game managed just 12,242 worldwide, their lowest yet and sales dropped in all regions. The USA saw sales of just 7,428 (down from 9,412 last week) while Japan only managed 1,377 (down from 1,441) and combined sales for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia sold just 3,437 (down from 6,908).

In the ten weeks i’ve been covering this, i’ve noticed some high and low points in the sale figures. There was an unexpected rise in sales the past two weeks that gave me hope that things may be picking up for the game during the holiday season, only to plummet downwards this week. I shall continue to monitor the sales of Metroid: Other M in the hope that the game can sell a million.

Kotaku have posted an interesting article recently, which shows that Nintendo themselves are trying to figure out what went wrong. You can check that out and the latest figures in the sources below.

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