Metroid Metal: Expansion pack out now!

Metroid Metal, the infamous band behind the Metroid Metal: Varia Suite album has now released an update to their album in the form of Metroid Metal: Expansion pack. Here you will find an extra six songs that weren’t featured on the original album and provides 27 minutes of Metroid goodness! If you’ve already bought the album, you can buy Expansion pack on disc for just $4 or as a download for an amount you feel to be reasonable.

The tracks available on Expansion pack are as follows:

1. Prime Theme (Metroid Prime) – 4:22
2. Brinstar (Super Metroid) – 4:18
3. Norfair (Metroid NES) – 4:12
4. Crateria (Super Metroid) – 4:35
5. Tourian/Mother Brain (Metroid NES) – 3:19
6. Prime 3 Theme/Bryyo (Metroid Prime 3) – 6:27

You can buy Expansion Pack, Varia suite and other Metroid Metal merchandise at