Zero Suit Samus figma incoming

If you’re a savvy Nintendo fan, you know that for the past few years, various action figures based on Nintendo characters have been showing up. Some already released ones include Samus (which our pal Darren reviewed here), Link and Pit from Max Factory’s figma line and Mewtwo from D-arts. Confirmed for release later this year are a Lucina figma, Luigi Nendoroid, and Lucario and Mario from Figuarts. And now the latest additions to the plastic Smash Bros. family have been announced: Link is getting a Nendoroid for his Wind Waker look, and Cordelia (from Fire Emblem Awakening), Link (from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds) and Zero Suit Samus (from Metroid: Other M) will become figmas. These things usually take a while to make, however, so don’t expect them before 2015.

New Figmas

I personally have the first four figures mentioned, and have to say that they’re all very high-quality figures, worthy of anyone’s shelf.

Thanks to VGMStudios and Metroid Database for the tip.

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