Gameboy Advance titles heading to eShop?

Nintendo of Australia have updated their eShop page with a section for Gameboy Advance games. Could this be an indication that Nintendo will be making Gameboy Advance games public for 3DS owners? Back in December last year, 3DS owners who purchased the system prior to a large price drop by Nintendo ‘Ambassadors’ were treated to ten NES titles and ten GBA titles for free, one of which was Metroid Fusion. While some NES titles have seen the light of day on the eShop since, Gameboy Advance games  have not. Could this mean that 3DS owners will finally have an opportunity to download Metroid Fusion? Perhaps Metroid: Zero Mission?

Currently, Dr. Mario is the only title to be added to the section with a price tag of $4.50AU, which currently converts to $4.72 USD, £2.93 GBP and €3.66 EUR. Stay tuned to Shinesparkers for any official confirmation by Nintendo.