Marriage Proposal aquired!

I just wanted to share with you this AMAZING story I heard about this week. Jered McFerron, a programmer from Phoenix, Arizona used his programming skills to re-write the game and add an altered room, one that contained a very special message. Jered had originally re-written Metroid NES from scratch back in 2003 and added some additional features such as a Space Jump from Super Metroid and a save system. But recently, Jered programmed an extra addition to the game, one specifically designed to propose marriage to his girlfriend Jenni!

Jenni had never played Metroid NES before due to its difficulty but eventually took on the challenge of playing Jered’s version of the game. Because she was not familiar with the game, the changes that huge fans of the game would have spooted immediately, were lost on her. So she progressed through the game oblivious as to what she was approaching. Jered explains this in his blog:

The game flow follows the normal path. Go to the left, get the ball. Go to the right, begin the long climb up the corridors of Brinstar. The first difference, however, is that I’ve sealed off the entrance to gold Brinstar. Oh you can get through. For 100 missles! Fortunately for me, she was not familiar enough with Metroid to notice these changes, so things went along nicely.

Now the actual proposal room is a typical Chozo Statue item room, and his item is a ring. (Having no ring items available in Metroid, the red ring from Zelda had to do.) It was important to me that she first get a regular item so she understood what those rooms meant. So the next stop was for Long Shot and some missles. I sealed off the proposal room with a red door (5 missles) so that she would have to do this first. Notice I gave her 25 missles, as I wasn’t sure how good her aim would be.

The proposal room was an edited version of the entrance to Tourian, which featured a Chozo statue holding the ring, with the message “Jenni, I love you! Will you marry me?” appearing on screen. Obviously, Jenni realised that this wasn’t part of the game so turned to Jered to find him on one knee. She said yes and the rest, as they say, is history! We at Shinesparkers wish you the very best of luck for the future.

We’ve contacted the couple for comment! Hopefully they’ll be able to share their thoughts with us at Shinesparkers!