Let’s get Metroid voted into the ClassicFM Hall of Fame!

ClassicFM, an independent national radio station in the United Kingdom is compiling a list of music for their hall of fame. 300 pieces of classical music will be entered and the public are the ones who get to vote for them! However, there is a campaign by a group called ClassicVGMusic to get video game music added to this list, and ClassicFM are supporting the idea! So naturally, as a Metroid fan, I couldn’t sit back and let this fantastic opportunity go by without recommending to everyone to vote for a piece of Metroid music to be added to this list!

We have decided to throw our support behind one particular piece of music, “Super Metroid” performed by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. The piece is 8:07 in length and includes Theme of Samus Aran, Crateria, Brinstar Green Vegetation, Brinstar Red Soil and the Ending Theme of Super Metroid. To make it on the list, the piece of music has to be commercially released, which this theme was. It’s a fantastic example of Metroid music and we could really do with your help in getting this track into the hall of fame. You can listen to the theme below:

Video not available

So how can you help?

1: Go to www.classicfmhalloffame.co.uk and vote for you three favourite pieces of orchestral video games music. The pieces of music you vote for MUST be orchestral and commercially released to count. We’re voting for “Super Metroid Theme” by “Kenji Yamamoto”

2: Because Yamamoto-san isn’t listed as a composer on the website, You will need to manually enter this in the voting box. Hit the “+” button next to the voting box.

3: Enter your votes into the boxes provided and submit after each entry. Votes are weighted in terms of preference. ClassicFM’s terms and conditions state that a first choice vote is attributed 3 points, a second choice vote 2 points and a third choice vote 1 point. So to give Metroid the best possible chance, remember to vote “Super Metroid Theme” by “Kenji Yamamoto” into first place! We would also like to recommend “Aerith’s Theme“ by “Nobuo Uematsu” as it’s the theme that everyone at ClassicVGMusic is campaigning for the hardest. If you’re looking for a third recommendation, I would personally vote for “The Legend of Zelda Theme” by Koji Kondo.

4: Once you have selected your votes, be sure to click Submit and fill out the form. This is for the chance to win an iPad (open to UK voters only) and to confirm your details. Winning one would be a nice little bonus wouldn’t it?

There is a part of the terms and conditions that could be a problem:

“Online manual votes should by clearly numbered to indicate order of preference and must include as much detail of the piece of music as possible. For example, where a composer has written more than one piece in any genre, e.g. multiple symphonies, the specific details of the piece are required to accurately identify it. We may be unable to count a vote if the vote is incomplete or the piece of music cannot be accurately identified.”

Rest assured, we will be getting in touch with ClassicFM to let them know which piece that fans are voting for, so get your entries in and be sure to spread the word. Not only are we competing with classical masterpieces from composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Vivaldi, but we’re also up against some of the greatest pieces of video game music ever created. Metroid MUST make it into the top 300, and it’s down to you to make it happen. Spread the word, tell your friends and get your votes in before the closing date of 29 February 2012 at 23:59 GMT.

Be sure to head over to the ClassicVGMusic page on Facebook and ‘like’ their page. Tell them who you voted for so we can help spread the message further. Additionally, be sure to follow ClassicVGMusic on Twitter!