Max Factory’s Samus Models

Max Factory revealed a few details on its new Varia Suit Samus figma and Zero Suit Samus model. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Both figures are set for release in June, 2012.
  • The Varia Suit model is 15cm (~5.9 inches) tall, while the Zero Suit one is 22cm (~8.6 inches).
  • The Varia Suit comes with a Morph Ball, arm cannon accessories, changeable left hands and a stand. You can freely change its poses.
  • The Zero Suit comes with a Metroid and a stand. It cannot change poses.
  • The suggested prices are 3800 yen (about $50) for the Varia Suit and 7800 yen (about $100) for the Zero Suit, but you might be able to get them for less by pre-ordering.
  • You can pre-order them at AmiAmi, Hobby Link Japan, Hobby Search, or Otacute. All of those are based in Japan, so don’t expect cheap shipping.

In my opinion, both figures look simply amazing. I pre-ordered a Varia Suit figma for myself at AmiAmi, for 2820 yen. They don’t have information on shipping costs yet, but I’ll keep you updated.

Here are the official pages, full of pretty pictures, for the Varia Suit and Zero Suit.