Metroid: Other M reaches one million sales

It took seventeen months, but it finally made it. Metroid: Other M has finally surpassed the one million global sales mark. The most controversial Metroid game to date has had a bumpy ride, with divided opinions from fans and critics. Sales for the game started off well, with just under 250,000 copies sold globally in the very first week of release, and just over 480,000 total sales in ten weeks. But sales began to drop as the months went by, and so did the price. Stores such as Best Buy were selling the game at one point for as little as $4.99! Due to the holiday period, sales of the game have risen dramatically and helped the game reach its total.

Even though it’s likely that Nintendo have lost money on the release of this game, it’s nice to know that there are so many copies out there, and due to the low price, people have given the game a chance and potentially enjoyed the experience. Congratulations Metroid: Other M! In this case, the “M” stands for million!

Source: VGChartz