Hello, everyone!

Hi, fellow Metroid fans! Many of you, particularly the ones who visit the forums here and at the Metroid Database, might already know me. Here in Shinesparkers, I’ve already participated in the 25th Anniversary Tribute Video and the Metroid Database 15th Anniversary Interview features. In any case, I’m Renan Greca, a.k.a. Naner, a Brazilian Metroid enthusiast who plays the games since 2005 and participates in the community since 2007. A few weeks ago, I was delighted by Darren’s invitation to be a part of the Shinesparkers staff. It’s my first time writing for a website, but I hope my posts will be useful and interesting to other fans. I’m not a native English speaker, but I try my best to make my grammar and spelling correct and comprehensible.

I’m going to help Darren by writing news posts, and also by posting some small (don’t expect 10 pages of text from me, I tend to be pretty objective in my writing) articles featuring my opinions on mostly Metroid-related subjects. Eventually, I’ll write something about gaming as a whole.

Don’t hesitate to comment on my posts saying what you think about the subject as well as the post itself. Constructive criticism is always helpful.

Thanks for your attention,

PS: Happy 2012!