Feature: Metroid Database 15th Anniversary

It’s been a while since we brought you a new feature, but we are delighted to have an interview with the staff of Metroid Database, a Metroid fan website that has been a major influence and the heart of the Metroid fan community for 15 years. The interview has been made special by the presence of the original creator, TJ Rappel who looks back over the website and its history and his thoughts on how the website fairs today compared to when he first started it back in 1996. All current staff are also present as well as forum contributor Naner.

Metroid Database has been a great website, I visited the place when I first became a Metroid fan back in 2004 and to be able to learn more about the website and offer this interview in celebration of its 15th anniversary is something I feel very proud of. I hope you guys will give it a read! It’s available in the Articles and Features section now!

Speaking of anniversaries, today i’m celebrating one of my own! 25 years old and updating the website on my birthday, how’s that for dedication guys? Metroid isn’t the only one celebrating a quarter of a century and this guy is going to be playing some Metroid Fusion! Woo!