Latest 3DS firmware update now available

The latest 3DS firmware update is now available globally. It brings with it some big changes to the 3DS system, allowing owners to capture 3D video and enjoy an enhanced eShop experience allowing you to purchase games and content for their exact price, rather than paying for a set price and having money left over. The update also brings a brand new street pass quest game, building on the experience of the first game which allowed 3DS owners to take to the streets and use the streetpass feature to find other 3DS owners and collect Mii’s to use in battle against various monsters. Players could also collect a variety of different hats for their Mii’s, two of which were a Samus helmet and a Metroid hat. The update brings almost 60 new hats to collect, but it’s not known if any of these new hats will be Metroid related.

You can get the update by following the following instructions:

Step 1: Go to your 3DS home screen and click “System Settings”
Step 2: Select “Other Settings”
Step 3: Search until you find “System update” and continue to follow the instructions from there.

Nintendo Ambassadors have also been promised ten free GBA games this month, one of which will be Metroid Fusion. It is not yet known what five of the ten GBA games will be, perhaps they’ll announce one of them to be Metroid: Zero Mission? Eligible people will find out very soon!