Metroid Database celebrates 15 years

Metroid Database celebrates its 15th birthday today, an incredible milestone deserves a mention. The website has had a brand new addition made to it, the Metroid Database Bestiary! It offers detailed information on enemies from the Metroid universe and features some stunning artwork.he project was supposed to be released on the 25th anniversary of the Metroid series back in August, but the project was delayed slightly. However, it truly is an amazing project and I URGE people to go and check it out. Metroid Database also announced a new competition today called “Design a Samus contest” to win a variety of goodies, including a physical copy of our Harmony of a Hunter album!

We are extremely pleased to see such a well loved and respectable website such as MDB continue to impress all these years later. It is not only the longest running and most extensive Metroid website, it’s one of the oldest websites on the whole internet! May it continue and may we all continue to respect its presence. A huge thanks to all the staff and its members for helping to keep the Metroid online community alive.