Max Factory to make Metroid: Other M Figures

Max Factory, a Japanese PVC maker have been given the licence to create two figurines for Metroid: Other M. The Power Suit will be a small poseable figure to retail at ¥3,000-4000 ($39.11 – $52.15 USD). Max Factory will also be creating what appear to be a Zero Suit figurine at 1/8th scale and to release in 2012. There was no further details listed.

The figurines offered by Max Factor will be considerably lower than the current licenced products by First4Figures which have been known to sell well over the $100 price tag. However, it’s unknown at this stage what materials will be used to create these products. You could end up getting what you pay for in terms of quality.  Sadly we haven’t been unable to find any full shots of the figurines, these images appeared on a Japanese image board. We will give more news once we have it.

Source: Plastikitty
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