Metroid CG Animation: Into the Green World

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Sam Dillard has created a short CG animation to compliment his track from Harmony of a Hunter titled “Into the Green World” which is a remix of Super Metroid’s Brinstar Vegetation theme. Here is what Sam had to say about his video:

This is a short CG animation I created for my song Into The Green World, for the Harmony Of A Hunter album. It took several months to design, build, and render. The Samus model is from MP, I rigged & animated her and modeled everything else from scratch. I wish it could have been longer but it took such a long time to make as it is. Maybe next time I’ll do a longer movie. But for now, hope you enjoy it! Thanks for listening/watching!

Sam also contributed two other tracks to the album, “The Crimson Depths” and “Mission Complete: Ending Suite” which you can download from our Harmony of a Hunter website.

You can find more from Sam at his website.