Theophany: Crystal Flash (Metroid 25th anniversary)

Musician Theophany, who contributed to our very own Harmony of a Hunter has put together his own album called Crystal Flash. Not only does this album further celebrate the 25th anniversary of Metroid, it also pays a special tribute to remixer Christopher Powell (Avien) who died in a car accident back in 2004. Avien contributed to Relics of the Chozo, one of the very first remix albums by OCRemix with the track Noumenon.

The album itself is very nice and the artwork is absolutely stunning. I wasn’t even aware of this album until it was released, Theophany kept very quiet on the whole thing! The final track to the album, “Alone in the Universe” is a remix of the Metroid: Other M commercial theme. It was originally planned for Harmony of a Hunter, however I felt that “What’s past is Prologue” was a better fit. I am thrilled to see that he released the track anyway and I urge you to give the whole album a listen.

A huge thanks and congratulations to Theophany for putting this together. For more information, be sure to check out the download link in the source below where you can also download the album for free.

Source: Theophany: Crystal Flash