Metroid 25th Anniversary Video Tribute

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Shinesparkers is very proud to present a personal tribute to mark the 25th anniversary of the Metroid franchise. This video was put together by members of the Metroid fan community with contributions by some notable names in the video game industry. Fans were asked to contribute short messages discussing their thoughts on Metroid as it enters its 25th anniversary and their personal message wishing the franchise happy birthday. We also had contributions from notable people in the video game industry who we are extremely thankful to for their time.

I would like to personally thank each of the fans that got involved on the project to pay tribute to an amazing franchise. It really proves that there is a lot of love and respect for Metroid across the wider Metroid community. If there was ever a doubt on the passion and dedication of Metroid fans, this video is proof that will put doubts to rest. It was a pleasure to get involved with this project and pay my own personal tribute, although I don’t think words can ever express my love for this great franchise.

An extra special thanks goes out to the Video Game Music Choir, Jeff Skalski, Gene Kohler, Tommy Tallarico, Jessica Martin, Daisuke Amaya and Yosuke Hayashi for taking the time to contribute to this video.

Further thanks to Elias Thompson (MetroidMaster1914) of Metroid Headquarters who edited this video together for us and for filming Yosuke Hayashi’s video with the assistance of Ryan Barrett from Metroid Database. They have always been a huge support to Shinesparkers and I value their professional contributions and their friendship in the highest of regards.

Happy birthday Metroid!