31 days of Zero Suit Samus

Due to all the anniversary stuff we’re busy with in recent times, i’ve been a little late with this one…sorry about that!

Chris Furniss from Wasabi Sunshine has been working on an interesting little project called “31 days of Zero suit Samus” which features…well…Zero Suit Samus, in a variety of situations including humourous quotations. Here’s a quote from Chris himself from his website:

This all started as a way for me to exercise my creative muscles on a daily basis. I work as a designer and was feeling a little rusty. Ross came up with the idea to do 31 days of Zero Suit Samus, apparently just off the top of his head. I love drawing Nintendo characters, and Metroid is one of my favorite Nintendo franchises.

I loved the idea of being able to pull inspiration not only from the Metroid universe, but the Smash Brothers universe as well. I had a lot of fun thinking about what daily life would be like for these characters in their own universe, and loved building little subplots with the illustrations.

Be sure to check out 31 days of Zero Suit Samus and support Chris by buying a print from the project if you wish.