Samus (Lara) plays Metroid NES ending theme on Violin

There is a great deal of talent out there in the Metroid community, we’ve got a number of impressive cosplay artists and musicians who have performed a number of Metroid melodies. However I must admit, I was never expecting to see the two talents combined..

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Meet Lara, she is a talented pianist and violinist. She combines cosplay and music together and has produced some impressive performances. One of her latest, is the ending theme from Metroid NES. Lara has also performed pieces from Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Castlevania, Portal and many more.

I was able to contact Lara for some comments on her reasons for putting together this Metroid performance and her thoughts on the series.

I have always loved music from 8 bit NES games because it is so unique, the Metroid music manages to be very atmospheric despite the limitations of the NES. I have recently started to get into cosplay, and people seem to like the videos where I go to the effort of dressing up! I intend to do more metroid, I might record Brinstar today, as it is probably more recognisable for most people who have played metroid.

Video not available

Lara has since updated with a further video, this time she plays Brinstar on the Violin, another excellent performance that you should check out on her YouTube channel here.