Harmony of a Hunter preview

Since December last year, i’ve been trying to organise various projects to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Metroid. Today, I can show you a short preview of one of those projects. Harmony of a Hunter is an album that will celebrate 25 years of Metroid and features music from the majority of Metroid games. The album has been organised via OCRemix with talent sourced from various places across the internet. There is a vast variety of content on this album from the novice to the professional musician, covering a wide range of genres that will hopefully appeal to you no matter what your musical taste is. It’s taken a lot of hard work and effort but the end goal is almost in sight. We’re expecting the album to feature over 20 tracks from various Metroid games, we will reveal a track list in due course.

We will also be offering downloadable material for you to put together a hard copy of the album for yourself. Nate Horsfall, who’s art you may recognise from Metroid Metal’s website is currently hard at work on some stunning pieces of art for the album. Aaron Marshall will be lending his talent to master the album. This team effort is going to ensure that Metroid is given a great tribute and will ensure that fans of the series are given the tribute they deserve.

Here is a three minute preview of Harmony of a Hunter, enjoy!

Video not available

Harmony of a Hunter will release on August 7th and will be available as a free download through Shinesparkers and Metroid Database as part of our efforts to mark the 25th anniversary of Metroid. We look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts about the album on our forum!