The Speed Gamers Metroid Marathon

The Speed Gamers are a group that are famous for their extensively long gaming marathons in which they play games for days to raise money for worthy charities. Next week, they’ll be speed running Metroid to raise money for their chosen charity they’ll be teaming up with Fan Gamer in order to raise some serious cash. It’s not the first time The Speed Gamers have decided to speed run Metroid, back in August 2008, they got through nine Metroid games and raised over $6,123.79 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and in March 2010 they raised $11,616.50 for the Halton Autistic Family Support group. Fellow staff member Wavehack and myself were present at the August 2008 marathon and I must say, it was a very exciting thing to watch, I was pretty much glued to my screen the whole time and Wavehack even managed to dig deep and donate to the worthy cause.

Metroid isn’t the only franchise TSG have covered, their past marathons have included Zelda, Mario, Mother/Earthbound, Halo, Pokémon, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Mega Man, Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed, Castlevania and Kingdom Hearts. Since the first marathon started in March 2008, TSG have raised an incredible $254,995.67 for various charities and we can only hope that the third Metroid marathon will be their most successful yet!

Be sure to check out The Speed Gamers from the 6th May to the 9th May!

Source: The Speed Gamers & Fan Gamer