Rumour suggests Retro Studios working on new title for ‘Wii 2’

The internet has been alight with rumours surrounding Nintendo’s next generation console which has been cited as “Project CafĂ©” and “Wii 2”. One of those more recent rumours may be of interest to users, as Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios has apparently “confirmed” they will be working on a new game for Nintendo’s next console which is “a project everyone wants us to do”. Retro Studios were apparently one of the first companies to receive a development kit for the new hardware and if their past releases are anything to go by, we can expect good things from them if these rumours are confirmed.

For now though I think we should just wait and see what happens, it’s very easy to get caught up in all the excitement so I urge people not to take this as fact until we can confirm otherwise.

Source: Paul Gale Network