Minitroid: Metroid gets cute!

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Minitroid is a fan game that has been in development for some time but now the guy behind it will be releasing a tech demo for fans to try it out. ¬†For those of you who don’t know much about it, Minitroid is a fan game created by Tokinsom which originally started out as a small practice game consisting of a single area and boss. However, due to the reception it received, Tokinsom decided to make more of it and expanded on his practice game. This is how Minitroid was born.

The game is fairly reminiscent¬†of Cave Story in terms of graphics, the game is classic Metroid but boasts original graphics, not recycled from previous Metroid games like some fan projects are. Tokinsom is responsible for level design while Betatronic provides the art. Jamie Billings offers an original chip tune score with a few classic themes from Metroid that we all know and love and Infinity’s End of the Metroid Database helped provide some of the sprites in the game. While Minitroid offers a brand new Metroid experience in terms of style and originality, classic items from the official Metroid games such as missiles and the screw attack will be making an appearance and you’ll even have the ability to perform wall jumping techniques…or is that kick climb now? (Metroid Other M).

A tech demo for Minitroid has now been released and Tokinsom has stated that it should take fans about 30-45 minutes to complete on the first run, 15 minutes on a second run, which I feel is more than enough time to get a good taste for what’s to come. The game will be available for anyone with Windows, however it may require a DirectX update to work. I personally tried to get this working so I could give you an advanced preview but unfortunately the game crashed on me when I tried to hit start.

The demo has been released through the Metroid Database and can be found in their fan apps section with additional information. The page will also give instructions on how to contact Tokinsom regarding any bug fixes required.

Special thanks to Tokinsom and Infinity’s End for bringing this game to my attention.